New Beginnings

Now we are facing down a new year – well a new growing year at least, and in the spirit of new beginnings we thought it high time we started a blog. Really, another blog, you ask? Because that’s what the world needs right now (*snide single brow raise*).

Well, maybe we need it. So we can stop burying our heads in a sand dune of guilt over not keeping our families up to date on what on earth it is we actually do all day. And to feel like we are in some way contributing to the smallholding wisdom out there. Or, for the internet money (where do we go to cash that in by the way?).

Anyway, here it is. Seasonal change always brings out a heady mix of excitement and dread in us, and embarking on a journey into the blogosphere fits in nicely with that. Will we get everything turned over and sown in time? Is it too late to plant out tomatoes? Will anyone read my blog? Am I offending people??

Well, to answer the first questions, we find these Tasmanian sowing guides indispensable:

As for the last questions – only time will tell!