1. Veg Box – FAQs

  • Substitutes – If you would like any item in the box substituted (e.g. if you already have your own source of eggs), please let us know. We will replace the substituted item with increased quantities of other items up to the value of the one being replaced.
  • Allergy or extreme aversion – Please let us know if you have any allergies and we will not include that item in your box. We are yet to determine if Brussell Sprout dislike warrants its own medical term, but rest assured we aren’t likely to have them in the ground (this year at least).
  • Delivery day – Deliveries are on Friday. We aim to drop them to you as late as possible in the afternoon (route dependent).
  • Delivery address – Please let us know where you would like us to deliver your box and instructions if leaving unattended. We suggest a sheltered, shady spot away from hungry animals 🙂
  • Payment timing – Payment will need to clear each Wednesday to confirm that week’s order.
  • Flexibility – We don’t want you to feel locked into anything and so are more than happy to pause your orders if you are going away for any length of time. Likewise we can accommodate fortnightly orders, consider other frequencies on request and you are able to up/down-grade box sizes as you see fit.
  • Delivery charge – For our wonderful folk in Hobart, we are thrilled to grab your attention and interest. We hope you can understand that we have to add a delivery surcharge to your orders. At this stage that will be $10. We hope that, over time, with greater uptake from Hobartians, we can decrease the delivery charge.